Annual Exams/Vaccinations

  • We feel that an annual exam is the most important service we can provide for your pet. It gives us the opportunity to check their overall health and prevent or treat any problems that may come up.
  • Vaccinations provide a vital role in keeping your pet healthy. They help protect your pet from the common diseases that could be costly if your pet does not have an immunity against them.

Dental Services

  • Your pet's dental health is important to us, that is why we offer a selection of dental services that will help protect your pet against dental disease.
  • The services we offer our clients include the standard scaling/cleaning and polishing and we also perform extractions under safe, general anesthesia.

Surgical Services

  • We provide a full range of surgical procedures to our clients. Some standard surgeries that we perform include spays, neuters, growth removals and declaws.
  • We also provide full emergency surgery care for all our patients during normal office hours, if surgery is needed after hours we refer our patients to emergency clinics near by.


  • Our clinic has the capability to take x-rays of varying sizes for any type of situation, ranging from broken bones to OFA films for certification.
  • We do not have the capability to perform ultrasounds, but we have a board certified specialist that can come by our office to perform the procedure in a timely matter.


  • Our in house lab can provide results for a number of different blood, fecal or urine tests. Some of the more complex lab profiles are sent off to a facility that can perform more tests than the machines we have.


  • We have a wide variety of prescriptions that we keep in house to provide the best care for your pet. We also have a full range of flea and heartworm prevention to help protect your pet from these harmful pests.
  • For any medications that we do not stock, we will provide you with a presciption and a name of a pharmacy that can supply it.


  • We offer boarding to our clients, we have facilities to board cats and dogs of any size. Our space is limited though, so call early for holiday boarding to make sure you get a space reserved.